Thursday, May 14, 2009

salam and good day again!
dear students..
our next topic is ..............
studying at local university is better than studying at abroad university...
share your thoughts with others okey...

take care

Sunday, May 10, 2009

hi again!!!
dear students...
our first topic is
" LOVE marriage, OR ARRANGE marriage"???
hmmm..... tell me... which one do you prefer??

Welcome dear students....

salam and good day!

i am Miss Nurul Huda Hamzah. Your e-com 2 instructor. please use this platform to improve your English performance. this is how this platform going to work out.
im going to post topics and you are requested to repond on it. No pressure, just write or comment on what you think of it in your own words. it don't have to be long. there is no right or wrong answer on your comments or point of view. feel free like a bird when you write....

All the best!!!

Miss Nurul:)